The Energy & Mineral Law Foundation is a national nonprofit educational organization which fosters the study of the laws and regulations related to natural resource development and energy use. The Foundation is an Accredited Provider of Mandatory Continuing Legal Education programs, AAPL and other professional recertification credits, and provides opportunities for professional development through committee participation, program planning, public speaking and publishing of original work. We invite you to join the Energy & Mineral Law Foundation and support its goals:

  • Achieve continued excellence in natural resources and energy law education;
  • Expand the field of individuals and corporations who identify the Foundation as a primary focus for their participation in natural resources and energy education, dialogue and dissemination of information;
  • Support the scholarly development of natural resources and energy law through grants, awards, and scholarships for law students, law teaching, and scholarly writing; and
  • Promote high standards of integrity and professionalism and encourage collegial relations among legal practitioners and professionals in the natural resources and energy sectors.

Membership in the Energy & Mineral Law Foundation is open to anyone who is concerned with issues pertaining to the energy industry.  Our members include law firms, consulting firms, utilities, mineral companies, trade and professional associations, individual attorneys, industry executives, retirees, law schools and law students.